After a beach clean-up which exposed us to the negative effects of the improper disposal of plastic waste in our environment, Reaval was founded to provide sustainable solutions to the effects of plastic waste in Africa.

Our name [Re]+[A]+[Val] is an expression of our vision to Re-evaluate how our actions affect our environment in order to contribute innovative solutions from Africa that add value to the world.

With a team of world savers; we collect, sort and process recyclable plastic waste into forms that are traded to be used in the production of new plastic materials (in bottle processing, food packaging, fibre production etc.) facilitating a circular economy for plastics, creating sustainable development and positive environmental impact.

We provide evidence-based planning data to policy makers on plastic waste management, and to manufacturing companies to introduce recyclates – resins made from recycled plastics – into their consumer products.

It is estimated that Accra, Ghana generates over 22,000 tons of  plastic waste annually, but only 2% gets recycled. Our goal is to increase the percentage of plastic waste recycled to 50% by 2025.

We use technology to appropriate value to plastic waste, establish sorting centres and set up buy-back schemes which provide motivation to increase collection thereby creating empowerment and earning opportunities for members of the general and waste picker community.

By engaging members of the community and stakeholders in the waste management value chain, we increase the rate of collection and recovery of plastic waste from communities, beaches and landfills. 


Since our inception, women have made up over 80% of our world savers at any period.

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