By 2032, it is estimated that our oceans will have more plastics than fish. Reaval exists to save the world, and our oceans one plastic bottle at a time.

We organise beach clean-ups, plastic waste buy-back schemes, community education and environmental initiatives to increase the percentage of plastic waste recycled around us. 

We call on individuals and organisations to collaborate with us. By collaborating you contribute to facilitate a circular economy for plastics, create empowerment and earning opportunities, reduce carbon footprint and sustainable development in Africa.

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Earn with Reaval

Collectors of post consumer, post production PET bottles and preforms can earn good income by supplying to us. 

Invest in Reaval

As the world shifts towards responsible consumption and production there exists a growing demand for recyclates – resins made from recycled plastics – for production of new materials. 

We require investment to increase our capacity, improve processing capabilities, and implement technology solutions to increase the reduction, re-use and recycling of plastic materials in order to add value and improve business revenue.

Investment will enable us scale to meet the demand and supply to companies around the world that require recycled plastics. 

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